As a Leader in Testing, Jayasree Reva Phoenix Metrology Private Limited offers our experience, providing a broad range of services to Clients.

Jayasree Reva Phoenix Metrology Private Limited, is one of the India’s leading, independent laboratories specializing in material testing. We provide quality services when it comes to Mechanical and Non-Destructive Testing.

Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery as per National and International standards that provide our clients with accurate and reliable results.  Our global network of testing facilities, staffed by knowledgeable and experienced personnel will help you to reduce risk, shorten the lead time to market and demonstrate the quality and safety of materials, components of products.

JRPM provides a comprehensive range of Mechanical Testing services. The mechanical testing facility consists of universal testing machine, Rockwell hardness tester, Brinell cum Vickers hardness testing machine, Micro Vickers hardness testing machine, Impact testing machine, Extensometer etc. JRPM also conducts a Tensile Test for determining the strength and ductility of the material and provides a precise determination of Proof Stress by the attachment of electronic extensometers. JRPM carries out mechanical tests such as Tensile Test, Welder Qualification test, Welding Procedure Qualification Tests, Bend Tests, Compression Tests, Flaring and Flattening Tests on Universal testing machine.

The mechanical testing teams at JRPM understand the requirements of various national & International codes for testing like IS, ISO, ASTM, DIN, EN, API, ASME, and AWS. Superior technology, responsive versatility, and quality performance to ensure reliable and fast turnaround to provide quick and accurate test results. Experienced technicians at JRPM are capable of low-stress grinding, machining sub-size specimens, and very close tolerances. JRPM has designed several fixtures for tensile testing of end products without machining them to tensile test specimens.

Testing professionals at Jayasree Reva Phoenix Metrology Pvt Ltd are well-versed with the requirements of various national & International codes for testing such as IS, ISO, ASTM, DIN, EN, API, ASME and AWS.

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