Torque Metrology

Torque Generating Devices:

Torque Metrology is designed and equipped with high range (3000 Nm) computerized torque wrench calibration system complies to ISO 6789: 2017 International Standards.

Reva Phoenix Labs & Consultants Pvt. Ltd utilizes high accuracy load sensors to perform calibrations. Torque Calibration includes Torque Screw Driver Up to 12 Nm and Torque Wrench calibrations range covers 0-3000 Nm done through Torque Wrench Calibration System High Precision Sensors with indicators

We take responsibility in helping and supporting our customers to effectively use the results from their calibration certificate to make decisions.

Our Torque calibration – capability:

Range: 3000 Nm

1. Torque Wrench (Type I and II – Digital, Analog & Dial)

2. Torque Screw Driver
3. Torque Dial Gauge


Torque Measuring Devices:

What are Torque Measuring Devices?

Torque sensors are devices for measuring and recording the torque on rotating systems such as gearboxes, crankshafts, rotors and engines. These are often used in industrial and technical applications to track the effectiveness of various systems, including machines, motors, and engines.

Principle of Operation:

The output voltage produced by a resistance change in strain gages that are bonded to the torque sensor structure. The magnitude of the resistance change is proportional to the deformation of the torque sensor and therefore the applied torque.

Our Calibration Capability:

We have high facilitated torque measuring system calibration equipment with Using Dead weight Torque Calibration System consisting of SS beam of 2 meter, Spirit Level and F1 class weights as per national and international standards.

Range: 2000 Nm

  1. Torque Meters
  2. Torque Calibrators
  3. Torque Transducer & Sensor
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