Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Software

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Laboratory Information Management System Software:

LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System), also referred to as LIS (Laboratory Information System), manages and tracks samples and associated laboratory data while also streamlining overall processes and activities within a lab. LIMS software can be used in various types of labs, including Calibration, Clinical labs, Production labs etc., By implementing a LIMS, laboratories can better conduct tests, automate workflows, and standardize operations.

The breadth of a LIMS can vary; a product that focuses on optimizing sample tracking and management is just as useful as a complete, comprehensive platform that handles invoices and billing and conducts quality assurance or quality control. Some LIMS solutions offer built-in electronic lab notebooks (ELN) and lab inventory management; functionality some are designed to integrate with scientific data management systems (SDMS) to better manage instrument data and documents generated in the lab.

To qualify for inclusion in the LIMS category, a product must:

Track and manage the data associated with samples, tests, and results be customizable to meet the needs of different types of laboratories, laboratory staff, and clients Support data sharing between the lab, instruments, and associated facilities

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