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Jayasree Reva Phoenix Metrology Private Limited is India’s Largest Integrated & NABL Accredited Calibration & Testing Laboratory; Technically, the best and infrastructurally, the largest integrated Calibration & Testing Laboratory with 15 Metrological Laboratories, all under one-roof to serve our Customers. Please visit www.revacalibration.com to get to know about our state-of-the-art integrated facility  and Calibration & Testing Services. 

JRPM is a premier Calibration & Testing Laboratory, ISO 9001: 2015 Certified and accredited by NABL for the latest ISO IEC 17025: 2017 for Calibration & Testing, located in Chennai, India.  Being an all-in-one integrated Calibration & Testing Laboratory, we provide Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) as a Single Source facility for all your Calibration & Testing needs. We provide “at-lab” and “On-site” Calibration & Testing Services using the best of Calibration & Testing Master Equipment. We offer turn-key Solution and Service with all the Calibration & Testing Laboratories under one roof. We also function as a Nodal Laboratory for Inter-Laboratory Comparison (ILC) with the best Uncertainty | CMC values for most of the Lab parameters.

Mechanical | Dimension – All Basic & Precision Equipment| CMM Calibration | Pressure – Upto 4000 Bar | Torque – upto 3000 Nm | Mass E1| Volume – Micro Pipette| Electro-Technical MFC & Oscilloscope | Thermal – Furnace Mapping & Pyrometer upto 1750°C | Force | Optics | Light Source | Lux Meter (1  to 2,00,000 Lux) | Acceleration | Speed | Tachometer | Rubber Hardness Tester | Fluid Flow | Anemometer | Acoustics | Mechanical Testing | Mechanical Calibration | Rockwell | Brinell | Vickers | Micro-Vickers | UTM Calibration | UTM CTM TTM | Impact Testing Machine Calibration | Force Gauge | Push Pull Gauge | Leeb Hardness | Portable Hardness Tester | Dynamic Hardness Tester | E1 Calibration | Density & Viscosity | Air Flow Meters | pH Meter | Conductivity Meter | Lab Master Equipment Calibration

JRPM provides Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) as a Single Source facility for all your Calibration & Testing needs for the whole year.

Jayasree Reva Phoenix Metrology Pvt. Ltd. is:Salient Customer service features & facilities that we provide:
India’s Largest Integrated Calibration & Testing LaboratoryIndia’s Largest Integrated Calibration & Testing Laboratory
NABL Accredited for 15 Calibration & Testing Labs Single source facility for all your Calibration & Testing requirements
Latest ISO/IEC 17025: 2017 AccreditedState-of-art Laboratory with best in class Masters
ISO 9001: 2015 Certified for Laboratory QMSFree pick-up – collection and delivery of equipment – within Chennai*
Nodal ILC Lab with best CMC for most parametersAnnual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for Calibration & Testing
5S Certified & Platinum Awarded by QCFI & ABK-AOTS DOSAKAITraceability Certificates provided, as required by Customers
Single-source facility for all the Calibration & Testing requirements100% guaranteed delivery – 24 hours / 48 hours / 72 hours
Personnel Training for Calibration & Testing LaboratoriesNo additional Cost for express Calibration / Testing services and delivery
Training & Consultancy services for ISO/IEC 17025: 2017Mobile Calibration | Equipment Collection | Delivery services
Assisting Clients to set-up their World-Class LaboratoriesWorking on setting up our branch Laboratories in the Middle East
Calibration Services:Calibration & Testing Services:
Mechanical CalibrationISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Mechanical Testing Lab
Dimensional Lab | Largest Scope for Dimension in IndiaFully computerized state-of-the-art Mechanical Testing facility
Pressure LabUTM – Calibration & Testing
Torque LabRockwell Hardness – Calibration & Testing 
Mass & Volume LabMicro Vickers Hardness – Calibration & Testing
E1 Weights Calibration*Vickers Hardness – Calibration & Testing
Density & Viscosity*Brinell Hardness – Calibration & Testing
Acoustics Lab – Sound Level MeterImpact Testing Machine – Calibration & Testing
Electro-Technical LabForce & Hardness Calibration:
Thermal Lab, IR Thermometer, Pyrometer, -80, -196, 1750 deg CUTM | CTM | TTM Calibration using Load Cells  | Durometer
Acceleration & Speed – Tachometer, 15 rpm – 1,00,000 rpmSpeed & Displacement Calibration of UTM
Shore Hardness, Shore A, B, C, D, E, O, DORockwell Hardness 
Optics | Photometry – Lux Meter & Light source CalibrationMicro Vickers Hardness
1 Lux to 2,00,000 Lux Calibration   Vickers Hardness
Fluid Flow – AnemometerBrinell Hardness
Force Gauge | Push Pull Gauge | DurometerPortable Leeb Hardness Tester Calibration

We are the only Laboratory in India certified for 5S, best-in-class Laboratory practices, awarded by Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI) and the honor of being awarded by ABK-AOTSDOSAKAI.

We operate out of a highly sophisticated and state-of-art 8000 square feet facility in Chennai that features 15 environmentally controlled laboratories, equipped with precision Calibration & Testing equipment. All reference used in Calibration & Testing are traceable to National / International Standards.

Specialty of our Laboratory is into the Calibration of Masters such as LMM, CMM, Profile Projectors, Gauge Block Set, DCT, FCDM, Electronic Probe with DRO, Caliper checker, Analytical balance, Precision balance, Thermal Mapping, E1 class Standard Weights, Hydrometer, Flow cups, Pressure / Vacuum Calibrator, 8 1/2 DMM, Multi-function Calibrators, 6 1/2 DMM, PRT, ‘S’ Type Thermocouple, Temperature Dry Block Calibrator, Oil bath furnace, UTM, TTM, CTM, Push & Pull force gauge, Durometers (Shore A & D), Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Micro Vickers and Leeb portable hardness testing machine, Charpy and Izod impact testing machines, Anemometer, Tachometer, RPM source, speed & Displacement of UTM, Illuminance / Lux meter, Light source (Tungsten Halogen lamp), etc.,

We also provide Annual Maintenance Contract, as a Single Source facility for all the Calibration & Testing needs of your Organization.

We are known for the Quality and Reliability of our at-lab and On-site Calibration and Testing results and services; Best of Calibration & Testing Equipment and the Master’s used and as a Turn-key Solution and Service provider with all the Calibration & Testing Laboratories available in Single Source.

Our Laboratories are staffed with highly competent and certified team of engineers and technicians who are ready to support you with a wide range of services in all phases of your measurement projects and with our service contracts that are individually tailored to your needs, you are assured of being on the safe side, whether you require all the services or only a few of them. We even offer regular skills development training and conduct workshops for our workforce, enabling them to be equipped with the latest software, technology and equipment that are installed at our unit.

We provide high-quality Calibration& Testing services with documentation that satisfies industry and regulatory or audit requirements. It is our goal to be at the forefront of the Calibration, Inspection, Testing and Training Business by providing impressive range of services using state-of- the-art metrology equipment.

We offer independent Third party Calibration / Testing services to industry and other organizations in order to verify/assure the quality, safety, and security of the products and it compliance to the National and International specifications. The partial specification testing, full specification testing and developmental assistance testing services are carried out as per the requirements of User / Customer / Manufacturer at our laboratory.

We’re constantly updating and expanding our Calibration / Testing capabilities by listening to your business requirements, committing financial resources to new instruments and dedicating many hours to extensive employee certification and training. Remaining up-to-date with instrumentation and techniques is crucial to your success and ours. We assist you in improving the quality and competitiveness of your products through reliable and traceable to National/International standards. We are committed to delight our customers with our competency and quick service with high quality in a timely manner.