Annual Maintenance Contract

Ask For Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

  • Do you have a List of Equipment to be Calibrated or Tested? 
  • Want to reduce your Calibration & Testing Cost? 
  • Tired of spending money on Calibration & Testing without a benefit? 
  • Don’t have an all-in-one Laboratory for Calibration & Testing? 
  • A door-step service for Calibration & Testing? 
  • Need a 24-48-72 hour turn-around time?
    Contact / Call Jayasree Reva Phoenix Metrology Private Limited for an Annual Maintenance Contract for all your Calibration & Testing needs

Our services in the field of:


  • Dimension Metrology
  • Pressure Metrology
  • Mass Metrology
  • Volume Metrology
  • Electro Technical Metrology
  • Thermal Metrology
  • Torque Metrology
  • Force Metrology
  • Hardness Metrology
  • Impact Metrology
  • Mechanical Calibration Metrology
  • Mechanical Testing Metrology
  • Fluid Flow Metrology
  • Acceleration and Speed Metrology
  • Optical Metrology
  • Vibration Metrology
  • UTM, Tension Creep and Torsion Testing Machine Metrology
  • Durometer Metrology
  • Density and Viscosity Metrology
  • Energy Metrology
  • Acoustic Metrology
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