API Spec 6A PR 2 Testing

PR2 Testing of API Spec 6A Valves & Other Equipment

Annex F – Design Validation Procedures

API Spec 6A – PR1 & PR2

Salient Features

  • API Spec 6A – PR1 Test
  • API Spec 6A – PR2 Test
  • Valve Assembly
  • Pneumatic Actuator Assembly
  • Hydraulic Actuator Assembly
  • Seal Assembly
  • Pneumatic Actuator
  • Hydraulic Actuator
  • Manual Actuator
  • Elevated temperature test
  • Hydro Test
  • Gas Test
  • Cryogenic Temperature Test
  • Hot Chamber Test
  • Cold Chamber Test
  • Environmental Chamber Test
  • High Pressure Testing of Valves

Reva Phoenix Labs & Consultants Pvt. Ltd, in collaboration with its Major Valve partner offers an automated – computer controlled Valve test facility to evaluate Valves as required by API Spec 6A: Specification for the Wellhead & Christmas Tree Equipment – Annex F – Design Validation Procedures, PR1 & PR2 levels.

The Valve test facility is designed to accommodate up to 7-inch, 25,000-psi, Valves, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Actuators, as well as other test fixtures. Fixture testing on stem and bonnet seals can also be performed under API-6A. Test components are installed in a fail-safe hydraulic system with high-pressure, pneumatically operated valves that direct pressure to the upstream and downstream sides of the test item, according to API Spec 6A requirements

The computer system and customized software automatically control the required testing parameters. In case, ifa leak beyond the preset limit is detected, the program initiates a troubleshooting routine to locate the leak source of the problem. If it appears that the leakage occurs from a seal seating problem, the computer cycles the valve several times and restarts the test. If the leakage persists, the test is shut down, detailing with necessary reports.

An indigenously designed environmental chamber is an integral part of the test loop. Used during the temperature extreme test phases, the insulated chamber contains heating elements and cooling coils that enable to attain the required temperatures.

Annex F for API Specification 6A requires precise measurement of leaks across the gate and seat of the test valve.

Reva Phoenix Metrology has designed and developed a leak detection system that uses a precision low-pressure transducer to measure the change in the fluid head caused by leaks.


The performance requirements apply to all products being manufactured and delivered for service as per API Spec 6A. The performance verification procedures in this annex are to be applied to designs of products, including design changes. Verification testing specified in Annex F of API Spec 6A is intended to be performed on prototypes or production models.

Performance verification testing, if applicable, shall be performed on prototypes or production models of equipment made in accordance with this International Standard to verify that the performance requirements specified for pressure, temperature, load, mechanical cycles and standard test fluids are met in the design of the product.

Performance verification testing shall be conducted on full-size products or fixtures that represent the specified dimensions for the relevant components of the end product being verified, unless otherwise specified.

The actual dimensions of equipment subjected to verification testing shall be within the allowable tolerance range for dimensions specified for normal production equipment. Worst-case conditions for dimensional tolerances should be addressed by the manufacturer, giving consideration to concerns such as sealing and mechanical functioning.

The product used in any pressure test shall be free of paint or other coatings that would impede leak detection and/or leak observation.

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